The Helpful Content on an E-Learning Platform

Licensing & Writing

Need help applying for a cannabis business license? We offer consulting and custom writing services. Our team has helped win many competitive cannabis licenses and is ready to win one with you! We stay up to date on the status and processes for marijuana business licenses in the U.S. and in Canada. Requirements vary and the process can be both complicated and competitive. Let us help.

Plans & Documents

We have many options for marijuana business plans. We offer templates and custom writing for Business Plans, Diversity and Marketing Plans. We also offer Employee Training Manuals and Handbooks to run a successful operation. We have a large database of Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and offer market specific downloadable templates. Download a template today!

Training Programs

We have over a decade of experience training cannabis business employees from seed to sale. We offer dozens of marijuana business courses including state certified responsible vendor training programs. Let us help you create a custom employee training program, unique to your business processes. We will help you build an effective training program and keep track of your employee training records.

IT Services and Support

We provide software solutions for the cannabis industry. We can help you select, implement and manage the software suites you will need for your cannabis business. Let us offer you support for all of your seed to sale software needs.Train your teams with our E-Learning platform, and earn certificates of completion for each course you master. We have got you covered from seed to sale and beyond.

Cannabis Business Courses

The Helpful Content was created for cannabis entrepreneurs, business administrators, operators, and regulators. You have found the cannabis business courses you have been looking for.

Information Technology and Cannabis are here to stay.

Our team has been keeping up with the rapidly growing and changing industries of Cannabis and Information Technology. The Helpful Content has everything you need to design employee training programs to keep your team up to date, maximize efficiencies, and create a safe and sustainable cannabis business.

Our goal is to provide the marijuana industry with helpful content.

Regardless of where you are in your experience, whether you are just getting started in the cannabis industry or running a Multi-State Operation (MSO), we provide solutions.

Custom Cannabis Online Learning

Our content, downloadables abd online courses apply to any cannabis business operator. Our content was created by industry experts with decades of experience in cultivation, manufacturing and retail. We also customize content based on your state, province, or company standard operating procedures.

Standard Operating Procedures

We write standard operating procedures that can accompany our training courses or be used for cannabis business applications. We have state and province specific template and are happy to help you customize them to your unique operations.

Training Manuals

Henry Ford once said:
“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training your employees and letting them stay.”

Let us help you keep your employees learning.

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